ARTEMIS M16 and the M16A PCP…..£395.00……

ARTEMIS M16 and the M16A PCP.....£395.00......

This full sized, multi or single shot, PCP rifle has a sleek wood stock with cheek piece and rubber recoil pad. Simple structure, east handling and good stability. There is no front sight but does include a silencing effect in the front end. Ideal with any scope. Ideal for target and vermin with the multi shot option for quick fire action. Single or multi shot Air capacity: 210 CC Max fill pressure: 200 bar Standard quick fill adaptor
Calibre .177 (4.5MM) AND .22 (5.5MM)
Type PCP
Stock Hardwood
Trigger Single stage
Length (total) 96cm
Weight 6.8kg
Length (barrel) 46cm
  • Automatic safety
  • 9-11mm scope rail
RRP – £499.95
Category: Rifles

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